German cousine in a Traditional setting


Opening Hours

Tuesday - Saturday
11 AM - 8 PM
Closed Sunday and Monday

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Mashed Potatoes
French Fries
German style Potato Salad
Red Cabbage
Green Beans
Side Salad
Cole Slaw
Schnitzel Factory Black Forest Cake
Our Black Forest Cake
Deserts $5
Black Forest Cake
Apple Strudel
Cheese Strudel
Cherry Strudel
Butter Rum Cake
Cappuccino Cake
The cookThe cook!


Welcome, Herzlich Willkommen, in der Schnitzel - Factory

Schwarzwaelder KirschtorteOur Menu

Appetizers and Sharing $
A1 Potato Pancakes with applesauce and sour cream 5
A2 Fried Brie with cranberry sauce 5
A3 Ham Rolls, Stuffed with asparagus, sauce hollandaise 6
A4 Sharing Plate small, 2 Ham Rolls, 2 Potato Pancakes 9
A5 Sharing Plate large, 4 Ham Rolls, 4 Potato Pancakes 16


Soups $
French Onion soup topped with Toast and Cheese   5
German Potato soup with bacon   5
Liver Dumpling soup   5

Jaegerschnitzel Jaegerschnitzel Schnitzel Factory Wiener Schnitzel Wiener Schnitzel

Schnitzel Menu (please select 2 sides) pork $ veal $
S1 Wiener Schnitzel with a lemon wedge 15 18
S2 Jaeger Schnitzel with a tasty mushroom sauce 16 19
S3 Zigeuner Schnitzel with a spicy bell pepper mushroom sauce 16 19
S4 Rahm Schnitzel with a brown sour crème sauce 16 19
S5 Spargel Schnitzel topped with asparagus and sauce hollandaise 16 19
S6 Schwarzwald Schnitzel with black forest ham and melted cheese 17 20

Schnitzel Factory SauerbratenSmoked Pork Chops Our Specialities

Our Specialties $
S7 Sauerbraten with spaetzle and red cabbage 20
S8 Wurst Platter
one Bratwurst, one Weisswurst, one Knockwurst served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut
S9 Beef Stroganoff, beef tenderloin over penne noodles & one side 16
S10 Chef Schnitzel with peppercorn cream sauce, pan fried potatoes
(Bratkartoffeln) and side salad
S11 Pork Tenderloin with creamy sauce béarnaise, pan fried potatoes
(Bratkartoffeln) and side salad
S12 Schnitzel Wrap with french fries or potato salad 10
S13 Schnitzel Burger with french fries or potato salad 10

WurstPlatte Wurstplatte Nuernberger Bratwurst Nuernberger Bratwurst (Seasonal)

Bratwurst with 2 sides $
B1 Original German Bratwurst 13
B2 Curry Bratwurst topped with homemade tomato-curry sauce 14
B3 Jaeger Bratwurst topped with a tasty mushroom sauce 14
B4 Zigeuner Bratwurst topped with a bell pepper mushroom sauce 14
B5 Original Muenchner Weisswurst 14
B6 Original German Knockwurst 14


Salads $
1 Bavarian salad plate with spring salad, tomatoes, cucumbers,
Sauerkraut salad and red cabbage salad, all in its own dressing
2 Holstein salad with spring salad, tomatoes, cheese, eggs and
3 Alpen spring salad with tomatoes, cranberries, roasted almonds and
feta cheese
  Add grilled chicken or Schnitzel to your salad 3


Lunch Menu

All lunch menu items come with 1 side of your choice. (Excluding Number 13)
German bread loaf $1 extra
Lunch served until 3pm
  pork $ veal $
L1 Wiener Schnitzel with a slice of lemon on top… 8 10
L2 Jaeger Schnitzel topped with a tasty mushroom sauce… 9 11
L3 Zigeuner Schnitzel topped with an spicy bell-peppers, mushroom and onion sauce 9 11
L4 Rahm Schnitzel with a brown sour crème sauce on top… 9 11
L5 Original German Bratwurst 8
L6 Currywurst, Bratwurst with curry-ketchup sauce 9
L7 Jaegerwurst, Bratwurst topped with our Jaeger sauce 9
L8 Zigeunerwurst, Bratwurst topped with our Zigeuner sauce 9
L9 Original Sauerbraten 11
L10 Schnitzelburger in a Kaiser roll (best with our potato salad) 8
L11 Schnitzel Wrap (best with french fries) 8
L12 Reuben sandwich (sauerkraut, corned beef, swiss cheese) 9
L13 Beef Stroganoff (Beef tenderloin over penne noodles) 9


Bier vom Fass (Beer on draught)    
Brewery type of beer size $
Radeberger Pils 0.40 ltr/13.6 oz 4
Spaten Lager or Octoberfest 0.50 ltr / 17 oz 5
Radler beer Lager with Sprite
(a refreshing german specialty)
1.00 ltr / 34 oz 9.5
Party Boot The ultimate 2 liter beer boot 2.00 ltr / 68 oz 17


Flaschen Bier (bottled beer)   $
Weihenstephan Hefeweizen - cloudy, Kristal or Dark 0.50 ltr / 17 oz 5
Yuengling Lager 0.35 ltr / 12 oz 4
Clausthaler German non-alcoholic beer 0.35 ltr / 12 oz 4


Our House Wines  
Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, White Zinfandel Glass 5 - Carage (0.75 ltr) 17


German Wines Glass Carafe
0.75 ltr
Kallstadter a dry, fruity red wine 6.5 21.5
Kallstadter Protugieser a semi sweet red wine 6.5 21.5
Liebfrauenmilch a semi sweet, rich white wine 5.5 18.5
Riesling a semi dry white wine 4 16
Apfelwein (Apple Cider) straght, sweet or sauer 4 16
Underberg   portion 4
German coffee   portion 2.5


Wild Cocktails $
Pina Colada   5
Margarita   5
Hurricane   5
Long Island Iced Tea   5
Strawberry Daiquiri   5


Fountain Drinks $
Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Spezi, Raspberry Tea, Lemonade, Iced tea sweet or unsweetened glass 2.5